Global fund HIV Programme 03 July, 2018

This program has been implementing from March 2018 which is being implemented in 61 districts.
Objective: To reduce morbidity related to HIV and related complications, prevent HIV transmission and improve quality of life for PLHIV and their families through accelerating and scaling up comprehensive package of services.

Create favorable environment for access to treatment, care and support for PLHIV and ensure their quality of life of PLHIV in Nepalese society.
Strengthen the voice of PLHIV through formation and strengthening of networks and association of PLHIV to respond to the challenges of HIV and AIDS.
To improve the quality of life of PLHIVs to respond to the challenge faced by PLHIVs through Greater and more meaningful involvement of PLHIV (GIPA) in program and Policy development.
• To act as an umbrella organization for PLHIV led organizations in Nepal and ensure universal access on treatment and care of PLHIV in Nepal.
• To organize capacity building programs to strengthen the network and its member organizations.
• To build network and alliance with International PLHIV Organizations to foster HIV response.
• To advocate lobby and facilitate mainstreaming of PLHIV’s issues in the National agenda.
• To increase meaningful involvement of PLHIV including Key populations to achieve national goal in response to HIV epidemic in Nepal.
• To facilitate and improve access to treatment, care and support for PLHIVs in Nepal.
• To represent the Nepalese PLHIVs in International Policy decision making bodies, associations, conferences and various platforms
Target Groups
All people living with HIV are the main target group. Additionally NAPN has also recognized following key populations as their target groups:
• Injecting Drug users (IDUs)
• Sex workers (SWs)
• Clients of Sex workers (CSWs)
• Male Sex with Male (MSM-Sexual Minorities)
• Seasonal Labor Migrants (SLMs) and their spouses
• People Living with and affected by Tuberculosis

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