Organizational Structure


Membership of NAP+N is open to all People Living with HIV (PLHIV) led NGOs that are legally registered, self-governed and politically non-partisan. The NGOs that are eligible for membership are the ones that are committed to the empowerment of PLHIV communities, and are working transparently and accountably using democratic governance approaches and are not preaching any religion.


NAP+N Organize a convention every two years attended by representatives from the affiliated member’s organizations of NAP+N. Convention is the supreme body of NAP+N and in addition to other functions, elects a new Executive Committee members and amends the NAP+N Constitution as necessary.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)
NAP+N holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year. The AGM provides overall direction for NAP+N’s work, approves the annual report of the Central Executive Committee and the audit report, select auditors and endorses NAP+N’s activities for forthcoming year.

Executive Board
The Executive Board is composed of 13 members, who are democratically elected. President and 12 other members will directly elect by the representatives and president nominates vice president, general secretary, secretary & treasurer out of 12 elected members. Every meeting for Executive Board has conduct in quarterly basis and oversees the development of NAP+N’s policies and the implementation of programs. Board members serve voluntarily in their personal capacity for the organization.

Management Committee
Executive Board meeting will conduct in quarterly basis and to take minor decisions for official systems implementations, management committee has formed. Coordinator of Management Committee is president and it creates staff positions at organization, determine salary, benefits for staffs, decisions regarding career developments for staffs, publish list of holidays, delegation of authority, select partner CBOs and other tasks assigned by Executive Boards.

Procurement Committee
NAP+N have procurement committee, which is functioned to be transparent and fair procurement process of organizations. This committee published the list of potential vendors on every years and make decisions regarding procurement of goods and services.

Recruitment Committee
Human Resources (HR) Management is the essential part of each organization. NAP+N have HR recruitment committee, that prepares TORs for positions, renewal employees contracts based on performance and evaluations, recruit staffs as per necessary, determine benefits of staffs and recommended to management committee and transfer employees from one departments/projects to another’s as necessary.

Selection Committee
Selection committee works for select new employees as per instructions of recruitment committee which contains announcements of vacancy, collect applications, review applications, select employee through written & verbal examinations and recommended to recruitment committee for potential candidates for placement.

Assets Management Committee
NAP+N have assets management committee which scope is to minimize the mis-utilization of assets. This committee provide directions to administration sections regarding conservations of assets, investigations if loss/thefts of assets and decisions regarding disposal of assets.

Provincial Secretariats
NAP+N have five regional secretariats in all five development regions. The secretariat leads by the regional facilitators and coordinate, cooperate and liaising with governmental service sites for effective service delivery towards PLHIV. Women liaison officers are available at regional secretariat’s for PLHIV women related issues. In addition, regional secretariat will support for development initiatives, institutional capacity strengthening of partner NGOs at different districts.

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